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Oct 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
doubled the deficit. not remotely true. he was headed at $1.2 trillion deficit, now a $1.1 trillion deficit. it is less. it is a god damn lie! but the rest of the media goes i can't do that. i can't tell the american people reality. here's what i'm worried about. i'm worried about that we're in an iraq kind of situation here. what do i mean by that? before the iraq war the republicans kept insinuating oh, my, saddam hussein iraq, weapons of mass destruction 9-11 iraq. about 70% of the country thought that saddam hussein was personally responsible for 9-11. if i thought that, i would want to invade iraq, too but he wasn't! he wasn't! so the american people were deceived and who helped to deceive them? the american media by calling everything neutral. while the republicans say this and the democrats say that. and now we have one side that lies all the time. systematically and what does the media do? they say this and other guys say that. no. it's not true. the republicans lie professionally. they do it all the
Oct 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
's biggest companies, all who signed on to a plan that called for an balanced approach to solve the deficit, and that balanced approach that all of these ceos signed on to included revenues. do you think their clout could actually move compromise even in the people who signed pledges never to raise revenue? >> no. >> jennifer: that's so depressing. >> call me a cynic. i'm just a realist. the truth is the patriotic millionaires these conservative economies, liberal economists you can look everything to find people to say you need an balanced approach thank colludes tax increases and cuts in spending, but fortunately you have a group of people in washington and mitt romney who have forsaken their oath to the constitution in favor of a blood oath they signed for grover norquist. >> jennifer: and charlie i want to make sure the senate remains in democratic hands. you are in a key state, you have written about elizabeth warren and scott brown give us a quick update. >> she has a small working margin right now in most polls. she is going to have to run the race all the way to
Nov 2, 2012 9:00pm PDT
's going to be a problem early next year and how are we going to address our long-term deficit problems and how are we going to get them down sufficiently that they stable the gde debt ratio. until congress nails this down more clearly businesses are going to be reluctant to go out and hire more aggressively. layoffs are low but they're going--they're not going to hire aggressively. that's what we need to get to austin's 250 k per month. >> jennifer: once the election is over, and it's settled who will be leading our nation, they cut some deal in congress beaver the fiscal cliff then you think you'll start to see greater jobs numbers every month? >> yes it's confidence. >> jennifer: yes, so austin, let me ask you we just learned that the congressional republicans pressured the nonpartisan research service to withdraw a report that reached some conclusions about what works to stimulate economic growth. what is in that report? why are they so scared? >> well, because the report--i know the report well. the report says how much do high-income tax rates matter for the growth rate in the cou
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)